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Posted On: 12/13/2014


I live in a downstairs apartment and the past few residents that live directly above me have had huge size dogs that they allow to run through the house through the day/night. Over the years to include now, that stumping has been so intense that it has knocked items off of my wall. I recommend that something be put out outlining the behavior of large dogs as it relates to the respect of other residents. I also recommend that the apartment complex make all efforts to not rent upstairs apartment to people with out of control animals. Sometimes asking someone kindly to control their animal simple doesn't work. Maybe something official from the apartment complex might work better.
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Posted On: 10/31/2014


Would you guys ever consider havin bi-monthly payment options for rent? I know a lot of military rent here and it would be a great option to be able to pay at the beginning of the month and half mid-month. Just a suggestion!
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